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Licence Applications

Licence Applications for Business Premises

We can assist you with obtaining a Premises Licence for your business. This will be required if you are planning on carrying out Licensed Activities, such as the retail sale of alcohol for consumption or or off your premises.

Further if you wish to vary an existing premises licence or obtain one for late night refreshments, we can assist you in doing so. Licensed activities include and are not limited to the following:

  1. Retail sale of alcohol
  2. Playing recorded music
  3. Provision of late-night refreshment including hot food/drinks which are served between 11pm and 5am.

We will assist you with completing the necessary application forms on your behalf and submitting the same to the council and relevant authorities.

Moreover, we will liaise with the responsible authorities, including the Police, 8 authorities and ensure an advertisement is displayed in the local newspaper. We will also provide you with the notice that you will need to display on the outside of your premises. Moreover, once your licence has been granted if there are any errors with regards to the same, we will liaise with the Local Authority to ensure they are corrected.


Our Fees for dealing with a Premises Licence application is £1000 plus VAT. However, we reserve the right to vary the same should matters become protracted or more complex and additional work has to be carried out as a result of the same. In any event, we will always keep you informed if you are to incur any additional costs.

You will also have to pay any disbursements fees incurred which are costs payable to third parties, that include the application fee.  We will endeavour to provide you an estimate of the disbursement costs as soon as we can. These include and are not limited to the following:

  1. Application Fees
  2. Advertisement Fees (Local Newspaper)

Please note that our fees exclude preparing any necessary plans or dealing with any of the relevant authorities regarding any objections or representations received, attending/arranging representation at any licensing sub-committees hearing by the relevant authorities. However, if representations are raised and you require our attendance/representation we will endeavour to provide you an estimate of our costs as soon as we can.


Applications generally take between 8-12 weeks in order to complete and having the licence granted to you. Although this is on the basis that you provide us with all the relevant documentation necessary promptly. However, the transaction can take longer if numerous representations are received and matters become protracted.

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