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Licensing FAQs

Why do I need premises licence?

A premises licence will be needed if you are intending on providing licensable activities to members of the public. Moreover, if you are intending on supplying alcohol, you will also need a personal licence.

How do I obtain a personal licence?

You will have to make an application to the Licensing Authority whom deals with your area along with the all the required supporting documentation and appropriate fees. Further copies of the application will need to be sent to all the relevant authorities including the police authority and immigration authority.

Who can hold a personal licence?

It can be anyone whom is over the age of 18 and has an accredited licensing qualification. Please also note that the individual should also have not forfeited a personal licence within five years prior to making an application for a personal licence. Further the individual should have also not been convicted of any relevant/foreign offences.

How long is the personal licence valid?

Personal Licences are valid for ten years and thereafter have to be renewed.

What is a DPS?

A designated premise’s supervisor (DPS) is required if you are supplying alcohol under a premises licence. There must be a valid DPS named on your premises licence in order to supply alcohol without committing an offence.

How can I vary the conditions of my Premises Licence?

An application will have to be made to the Licensing Authority with regards to varying the hours or conditions of your premises licence. Please note that if you operate outside the permitted hours or conditions or prior to receiving consent from the Licensing Authority, you will be committing an offence.  Please note when carrying your premises licence, you will still be subject to the statutory consultation period of 28 days.

What are Licencing Objectives?

Please note the following Licensing Objectives;

  • The prevention of crime and disorder
  • Public Safety
  • The prevention of public nuisance
  • The protection of children from harm

How long does does a premises Licence Application take?

Premises Licence Applications are subject to a statutory consultation period of 28 days once it has been submitted. Please note you will not be able to carry out licensable activities during this time, unless you have been provided with a temporary event notice.

Applications generally take between 8-12 weeks in order to complete and having the licence granted to you. Although this is on the basis that you provide us with all the relevant documentation necessary promptly. However, the transaction can take longer if numerous representations are received and matters become protracted.

Will I lose my personal licence if I get a criminal conviction?

It depends on the nature of your conviction and you will not necessarily lose your personal licence. It will be depending on the punishments imposed and whether or not you have any other conditions. For avoidance of doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further.